Why Should You Invest In Durham Region?

durham region courthouseThe Durham region is one location that is gradually turning into a real estate hub. This is an argument that can be confirmed by the kind of statistics the president of the Durham Region Association of Realtors is giving. The man in charge, Sandra O’Donohue announced that a whopping one thousand three hundred and fifteen transactions had been done in April alone. This was a 16.4 percent increase from what had been witnessed in the previous year. The president went ahead to say that they are seeing more homes listed in addition to the extra sales they are making. The Durham region witnessed 1816 new listings venture into the market compared to the 1709 that had been witnessed in the year 2014. The truth is that this is the greatest inventory they have made this year.

The average selling price in Durham went all the way to $440,151 in the last month which was a remarkable 12.5 percent increase compared to the $391,351 value witnessed in the same month last year. These are statistics that have been greatly attributed by the fact that real estate buyers are beginning to see the value and importance of home ownership. In addition, the low real estate rates in the region have attracted many buyers because they are affordable. The most surprising bit about Durham is that homes are selling in roughly fifteen days. According to Sandra O’Donohue, homes in this region are being listed more compared to the previous year. In addition, the houses are selling two days sooner than what used to happen back then.

With the housing market gaining its momentum, this trend is expected to continue later into the year. The truth is that if you are planning to invest in the real estate sector, you should definitely go for Durham. This is a region that has been a selling evidence on how important home ownership and real estate investing is. If you take a look at the statistics about Durham, you are going to realize that there is a high demand for home ownership in this region. This has been clearly demonstrated by the higher amount of sales and the rate at which the sale prices are climbing. Despite the robust growth in price, it has been witnessed that buyers have continued to view home ownership in Durham as an important long-term investment.

House selling is one activity that can be very daunting for a homeowner. This is because it is one that is bundled with a lot of activities. If you want to successfully sell your house, here are some tips;

Use a Real Estate Agent

Nothing else can help you close your sale fast that a real estate agent. In some cases, they are referred to as realtors. These are individuals who possess great knowledge about the real estate market and they can offer assistance where required. In addition, they can offer guidance on how to navigate the murky waters of real estate selling.

Make Key Improvements to the House

If you are to successfully sell your house, then the buyer must see the real value for their money. Since your home shall be viewed by prospective buyers, it must have the curb appeal. This means that the prospective buyer will choose to purchase it on first sight. You need to keep the kitchen sparkling clean and odor free. All the house lights should be functional and all doors working properly. If the potential buyer smells any odors, then you are in for a rude shock. If caution and the right steps are taken, real estate selling can be very easy and fruitful for the homeowner.