Real Estate Market In Durham Region

durham region imageThinking about investing in the near future? Real estate is one of the most powerful opportunities available for those interested in maximizing the return on their money. Durham region is one of the most exciting investment opportunities on offer at the moment. It is a thriving, upcoming investment option for those seeking higher returns in the shortest period of time. Let’s take a glance at a few reasons as to why Durham region is bursting with potential and key tips to remember when investing in real estate.

Information On The Region

What are some of the key reasons causing excitement among investors? Is the region truly bursting with potential?

Yes, all signs are pointing to this being a goldmine for those who get in early and here is why.

Within a month (March 2015), over 1000 transactions were completed in the region. This is unprecedented and is only seen in markets with high demand such as this one. A market which is seeing high rates of transactions is a clear winner.

In a year, the average price of a home in the region has gone up by $50,000 ($380,267 to $430,291). This is significant growth and all trends are showcasing this as just the start of massive growth in the future. This is a region ready to grow rapidly.

Competition is increasing within the region as buyers and sellers aim to create an environment where true value is seen. This is exciting for investors who are aiming to maximize value. Competition is what drives up the prices and will ensure the market continues to develop.

It is one of the finest long term investment opportunities in the nation at the moment. For those who are looking for a place to invest their money with an eye on the future, Durham is the region to focus on.

Investing Tips

Investing in real estate is easier said than done. Those who are unprepared will be asking for trouble. Ensure you are doing research with regards to market value.

Don’t ‘plan as you go’ with real estate as it is going to come back to haunt you.

The charm of investing into this region has to do with the reduced risk. Market information is all showcasing this as one of the most potent options on offer for those who are looking to make the most of the hard earned dollars.

Durham Region Average Prices – August 2015

Durham Prices August 2015